My Words Are Who i Am ~

by ZachoFraser

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this is one of the songs from my next ep.

words hold us tight with people and let us free. the words i share to people express my feelings + thoughts to them, letting them to learn about me as a person or character in a deeper way. they can create obligations, where words with strong emotional connotations hold us to other people. they can also cause us to have to create sacrifice for people we've shared strong words with. the first two lines of the song refer to how my child world view has disappeared and having it back would be cool


Create for me, a childlike heart, i'm watching.
let me feel, my long lost kid, he's gone.

i'll give you a piece of my soul,
a written artifact, until time chews it blind,
freezing feelings + mystique,
open the top floor,
glimpsing split second thoughts.

I'm not a trophy gathering dust,
my life won't replicate, hot irons (are) searing,
keeping us from lieing,
our words closing doors,
hearts open.


released 21 January 2014
Production: Morgan Allen
Co - Production: Zac Fraser - Baxter
Singing/Songwriting: Zac Fraser - Baxter



all rights reserved


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